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The best way to appeal to the widest audience is to explain your product or service in a simple, easy to understand way, without jargon. Please take your time and answer all these questions so we can write the best script for you.

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Briefly describe what your product/company/service does

List a few of your closest competitors (business names/websites), and what does your product/company/service offer or do that they don't?

What problems/needs/pain points are solved by using your product/company/service? (problems your target customers are facing)

What's the product or service called? (the name of the solution to the problem)

Briefly describe how it works or how to get started

How's your product/company/service going to make their lives better/easier? (the benefits)

What do you want people to remember about your product/company/service after watching? (the most important message)

What would be the preferred tone/mood of your video? (corporate, professional, urgent, humorous etc...)

What call to action/tagline would you like at the end of the video? (click here, sign up, call us or visit site for more info)

What would be the preferred running time of your video?

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