Google Ads Management Services

✓ Stay in front of your target audience

✓ Get ahead of your competition

✓ Build awareness around your product

Why Select Us? – Features

If you need a professional & trusted team to help your service/product gain more exposure and hit the right target audience then we are what you are looking for. Our Google Ads team have helped generate over 300,000 conversions to our clients and have been managing Google Ads accounts since 2008.

Dedicated Google Ads Manager

Feel safe knowing that you’ll have a dedicated PPC manager available for your business, throughout the whole process. They will take time to learn more about your business and be on hand to answer any questions.

Fixed Cost

We keep things easy with a fixed £250 monthly fee. No complex pricing structures linked to advertising cost which can incentivise higher spend. We are focused on optimising every campaign to maximise your ROI (return on investment).

You Keep Full control

You always keep control of your Google Ads Account. We send a request to run your Google Ads Account from our Google Ads Manager account. This enables us to have access to only your Google Ad Campaigns.

No Contracts

Enjoy our Google Ads management service at a low monthly cost with no contracts and no long term tie-ins. We love to keep things simple, so we have a rolling monthly agreement that you can stop at any time.

Manual Adjustments

We don’t use automated systems, we love analysing the data and use our knowledge and experience to manually adjust keyword bids and ad copy. We also try improving CTR (Click Through Rates) by adding extensions and build negative keyword lists to cut back on wasted clicks.

Monthly Reporting

Once Conversion tracking is correctly installed we’ll be able to analyse and optimise every conversion. We’ll send you monthly reports to let you see how things are going and are always on hand to explore any future ideas & strategies that might be worth testing.

Fixed Pricing

We have fixed pricing and no hidden extras.
Please get in touch for a free Google Ads Account review so we can determine if our Google Ads Management Service is the right fit for your company. We won’t start the process if we don’t believe we can help.  If you have any other questions please see our FAQ or contact us here.

  • Google Ads Account Review

  • FREE

    No obligation review may include

  • Keywords Analysis

    Advert / Landing Page Analysis

    Conversions / Settings Analysis

    Opportunities For Growth

    Opportunities For Testing

    Opportunities To Reduce Spend

  • Google Ads Management

  • £250

    per month (VAT included)

  • Conversion Tracking Installation

    Campaigns & Ad Group Optimisation

    Ad Copy Optimisation & Testing

    Demographics & Audience Targeting

    Keyword Adjustments & Research

    Ad Extensions Implementation

    Monthly Reports

Process – How does it work?

Simplified 3 stage process that will take you onto a fully optimised Google Ads Account.

Stage 1 – Research

Learning about your company, industry & your competitors, is the first stage. Discovering what your main goal is. We’ll need you to sign up and get a Google Ads account & then we’ll be able to safely link it to our Google Ads Managers account.

Stage 2 – Build

We’ll install your conversion tracking and make a start building your ad campaigns. Want to contribute to keyword & ad copy? At We Love Promotion Biz you can have a hands on or hands off approach to us building your advertising campaigns.

Stage 3 – Launch & Improve

Once everything is in place, we can launch the campaigns and test & optimise each area to get the best out of your account & ROI (Return On Investment). This process will go on & we’ll be able to continuously optimise your account for the best results.

Common FAQs

Why Use Google Ads?

By using Google Ads you are getting yourself in front of the No1 search provider and with a little help, it will leap frog you into the eyes of your target audience.

Is Google Ads a waste of money?

There are many reasons why businesses waste money on Google Ads. If you set up Google Ads with little or no experience you can end up making small but costly mistakes. You can end up targeting the wrong audience or location. You can use broad match keywords that bring unwanted clicks, or set the average CPC (Cost per Click) too high. There's lots of detail to get right, but this can be done with the right PPC (Pay Per Click) knowledge & experience.

Why do I need my account managed?

Googles' advertising space is moving all the time. Every time your ad pops up, there are millions of calculations, in a real-time ad auction, to determine what ad goes where. People are optimising & changing their own campaigns & starting new ones, which means an account that was performing great the month before, can be struggling the month after. Google Ad managers will keep an eye on your performance and continually improve its' performance as time goes on.

When will I start seeing results?

The first month is usually taken up designing the strategy and building your ad campaigns so we usually start seeing results coming in around one month after the account goes live, and then with each and every month you'll see more improvements. This is because the longer your campaigns are running, the more data we'll receive and the more informed decisions we'll be able to make. When you change, test & optimise different areas of your campaigns you need to wait at least a month to see any results, so we usually ask clients to wait at least three months, after signing up to our google ads management service, to see how the ads are really running.  

What Our Clients Say

  • Worked with us to create a great google ads campaign that keeps on giving. The whole process was enjoyable and they really know their stuff.

    Jonathan Morgan
    Director of Purple Publishers
  • Great work, sorted out lots of problems with my ads. Great communication as well. I am very happy with the service you offer.

    Scott Howell
    Manager at Cheetah Gyms
  • We Love Promotion took care of all the problems we were facing with our ads and their knowledge has helped make big improvements to our ROI (Return On Investment).

    Matthew Youlden
    Manager at Funplex
  • “Have helped grow our business by creating successful online adverts. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them.”

    Frank Miller
    Designer at Webnus
  • We love promotion was very easy to work with and provided high-quality work. We’ve been very impressed with the improvements they’ve made to our advertising campaigns.

    Jane Simmons
    Quentin International

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